Aiming for a clean environment in the Philippines


The EV shift that has already begun in Japan, United States, Europe, China, etc. In the Philippines, e-jeepney and electric tricycle are experimentally introduced, and PHEV and EV are equal to zero in the market. EV shift is urgent because it is the Philippines that have the metropolitan area and regional cities where environmental pollution caused by exhaust gas becomes constant. So, in order to know the reality, I talked to Mr. Mutsuhiro, President of Oshikiri Mitsubishi Motors Philippines.
Collaboration of industry, government and academia to reduce environmental burden
“Currently Mitsubishi Motors Philippines has concluded a memorandum of understanding to collaborate with Department of Environment and Natural Resources utilizing EV technology to reduce environmental burden and already has symposiums with the De La Salle University, University of the Philippines, Outlander PHEV and i-MiEV. We have burned fuels to enrich but from now on we need not to. In some way, it is ideal that all cars will be EV, but it’s important that we first need to learn about PHEV and EV. To deepen the knowledge about EV, to test ride and to experience all of these feeling is the start to step forwards on EV shift. ”
Movement awareness of the future and what best we can do now 
“At the moment nothing has started yet, such as price, taxation system, fast charger installation, etc. However, in order to promote the EV shift, it is necessary to surely clear these things, it is likely a turning point of expectations of vehicle price fall in 2025. Meanwhile, the Philippines is increasing 500,000 vehicles a year, but this is rather more market technique. I think it would be better to replace it with the old-year model of the old-year car. The new car is the exhaust gas purification capacity is excellent than the old-year car in the market, therefore, it is urgent and important to eliminate the old-year car. The Philippines is originally oriented towards EVs because there are so many short-distance moves, but unfortunately the selling timeline for Outlander PHEV and i-MiEV are not yet decided, but instead of the existing vehicle type Mirage. It will be the right time to reborn into a clean Philippines when the production line of Mirage replaces “the EV production line.”



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