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The Manila Shimbun Web is a news site managed by the only daily local Japanese newspaper in the Philippines, The Daily Manila Shimbun, which has a wide circulation in Manila, Cebu, Davao as well as other parts of the country since 1992. Our seasoned Japanese and Filipino reporters cover current affairs in the Philippine society, politics, economics and Japanese-related stories on a daily basis producing 400 to 500 stories per month.
Considering the growing interest towards the Philippines in Japan, The Daily Manila Shimbun Website had a renewal launch in January 2014, expanding its reach even more to those who live in Japan. We provide cross-media solution from Print to Digital specialized to the Japanese market.

Users & Views (Average per month)

Unique Users  (Website visitors): 30,000   Page Views:200,000-500,000PV

User Profile

Since the relaunching of the website in 2014, The Daily Manila Shimbun Website had a unique user statistics of about 30,000 per month, average equal distribution of gender ratio, aged 20~40 years old.  70% of viewers are from Japan, and a growing percentage of young Japanese user population who are taking an interest in information related to the Philippines.

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Price list of Online Ads

Type Size (Pixels)
Price (1 Month)
Top Super Banner
728×90 ¥60,000
Side Rectangle
300×250 ¥50,000
Inside Full Banner
468×60 ¥40,000
Side Half Banner
300×100 ¥30,000

*Conversion to Peso from Yen is based on the rate on the day of transaction. Price exclusive of 12% VAT.

webpage sample

◇Banner Specifications and File Size:
gif, jpeg, flash, etc. (within 1.5 mb)
◇Exposure day:Monday
◇Submission Deadline:5 working days before exposure.

Please Note: We do not accept:
-Ads against domestic or international laws
-Vague, ambiguous information / Unknown locations
-Exaggerations, false information or information that can be misunderstood
-Information that may create speculations
-Information that may create disorder or panic in society
-Information that are unscientific, superstitious, etc.
-Information that are libelous, violates privacy, disturbs businesses, or expresses any kind of discrimination.
-Information that violates pharmaceutical, medical or government laws。

Job Listing Ads

We recommend the Daily Manila Shimbun Web Job Listing Ads for Philippine related and emerging Japanese companies for recruiting your Japanese staff.

Job listing Ads Fee ¥25,000 / Month

*Conversion to Peso from Yen is based on the rate on the day of transaction. Price exclusive of 12% VAT.

For the contents of the Job listing ads, please submit information of the following:

-Company Name
-Text body (Briefly explain your company, job listing info briefly in 200 characters)
-Images (3 images, job listing image, company logo, etc)

Important points to indicate:
– Kind of industry
– Work outline
– Work details
– Place of work
– Time of work
– Salary
– Compensations
– Application Qualifications
– Application Process
– Contact
– Contact Name

Company Overview
– Company Name
– Representative
– Address
– Tel. No. / Fax / Website
– Industry details
– Date of corporation
– No. of employees
– Location
– Associated Companies
– Main clients

*All contents will be under the discretion of Daily Manila Shimbun Web.

If you have any interest for Job listing Ads, please inquire through our email:

For Questions & Inquiries:
Daily Manila Shimbun/Takion, Inc.
Room 113 Tower Ground 4/F, Makati Cinema Square Tower,
Chino Roces Ave., Makati City, Philippines
Tel. (632)551-8238 ・ (632) 807-8918 (Philippines) (English/Japanese) (Japanese) (English)



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