The Daily Manila Shimbun Advertising Rates
1/16 7.7 cm W x 4.77 cm H       1,500 pesos        300 pesos
1/8 7.7 cm W x 9.73  cm H (vertical)
15.62 cm W x 4.77  cm H (horizontal)
2,800 pesos 400 pesos
3/16 7.7 cm W x 14.71 cm H 4,200 pesos 500 pesos
Ear Ad 5.82 cm W x 5.39 cm H  3,500 pesos  Free
1/4 15.62 cm W x 9.73  cm H  (horizontal)
7.71 cm W x 19.68 cm H  (vertical)
5,600 pesos 600 pesos
1/2 15.62 cm W x 19.68 cm H (vertical)
31.44 cm W x 9.74 cm H (horizontal)
11,200 pesos 900 pesos
1/1 (Full ad) 31.44 cm W x 19.68 cm H 22,400 pesos 1,600 pesos
Front Page 31.73 cm W x 8.4 cm H 25,000 pesos 2,800 pesos
Last page Top 14.1 cm W × 2.6 cm  H P30,000(1 Month) Free
Broadsheet 31.44 cm W x 52.2 cm H 120,000 pesos 3,200 pesos

Ads size sample:

s-DMS Manila English 03.2017-
s-DMS Manila English 03.2017-2
s-DMS Manila English 03.2017-3
s-DMS Manila English 03.2017-4
s-DMS Manila English 03.2017-5
s-DMS Manila English 03.2017-6
s-DMS Manila English 03.2017-7

*Ad Rates are subject to 12% VAT and exclusive of Ad Agency Commission.
All rates above are for Black & White Ads only.

Frequency Discount: (Advance payment & one time billing)
①10 times – 10%      ②20 times – 20%       ③30 times or more – 30%

COLOR SURCHARGE (for Full color):  +P6,000.00
RESERVATIONS:  Two (2) days before the date of issue.
CANCELLATION:  One (1) day before the date of issue.
TOTAL CIRCULATION:  5,000 copies
MATERIALS NEEDED:  Three (3) days lead time prior to exposure.
MATERIAL SPECS (Black and White / Color Ad):
Formats:      PDF, JPEG, TIFF
(If your artwork will be translated: (1) please provide in any editable format: PSD, Illustrator or Indesign (with embedded links & outlined OR (2) also provide a version of your ad without the English text)
Resolution:    300 dpi
Color Mode:     Greyscale (BW), CMYK (Color)

Please send the following documents to our contact number/s or e-mail below.

1. SEC Registration or BIR Registration for  Corporation  /  DTI for single proprietor
2. Mayor’s Permit or Municipal Permit
3. Business Permit to Operate from Government Related Body
PNP Sagsd License to Operate
EPZA Clearance as member
NLRC National Labor Relation Commission Accreditation
DOLE  Accreditation

◎Bank : Banco de Oro MCS Branch
◎Savings Account Number: 0042-9016-8550
◎Account Name: TAKION, Inc.
Upon depositing, please send a copy of the Deposit Slip via Fax (02)551-8238 or e-mail (

For more Info please contact:
The Daily Manila Shimbun – Manila
Room 113 Tower Ground 4/F, MCS Tower,
Chino Roces Ave., Makati City.

☎ (632)890-8480
Telefax: (632)551-8238
The Daily Manila Shimbun – Cebu
3F Clotilde Commercial Center, M.L. Quezon St., Casuntingan, Mandaue City, Cebu

☎(032)228-3930 (Arcelyn)

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